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A top title agent for First American Title Insurance Company & Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

Amelia Island attorney offers title searches and title insurance
If you are a residential or commercial real estate owner or buyer, you want protection for the property you own or are purchasing. That protection is title insurance. A real estate attorney has the experience and skills to provide meticulous analysis of real estate documents that affect your property and the rights and liability of both sellers and buyers. Andrea F. Lennon, P.A. ensures that the property you are buying is free of all unacceptable liens, encumbrances, title defects and more. Title insurance is your protection — as a lender or a homeowner — against these risks.

Lenders and owners title insurance
There are two basic types of title insurance policies — one for lenders and one for owners. We work with you to determine the best type of title insurance that suits you and meets your needs.

It pays for you, as a homeowner, to be knowledgeable about your insurance policy. These policies may have a variety of coverage exclusions for such situations as:

  • Eminent domain, in which the government takes property   
  • Defects, liens or adverse claims known to the insured but unknown to the insurance company — which you must disclose in writing to your insurance company before the policy goes into effect
  • Any law restricting or relating to the use or occupancy of the property based on environmental protection

There are a variety of exclusions from coverage, and all homeowners should discuss these issues with their attorneys before closing or refinancing. To find out how we can help protect you and your property from unnecessary risk and harm, contact us today.

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